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Digital strategy for FMCG

The challenge

You are a manufacturer of fast-moving consumer goods who has long practised mass market communications via traditional advertising channels and who measures success against defined KPIs such as revenue and brand development.

You are faced with the task of implementing a digital strategy in your mass market communications in order to reach younger target audiences who, because of digitalisation, will not be able to be reached via traditional channels in future. The multitude of new touchpoints and advertising possibilities raises the question of how FMCG brands can be efficiently positioned in the digital sphere.

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How can digital activities be meaningfully integrated into the overall communications strategy?

Is search engine marketing worthwhile if I don’t have an online shop?

Which chances and risks are associated with the presence in social channels like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram?

What do topics like “content marketing” mean for the brand and how can they be meaningfully integrated into the communications strategy?

How can I present my brand in a meaningful way in the digital sphere?

Our solution

  • We look at paid, owned and earned media as a whole and in the context of brand management.
  • To help us do this, we have specialists from various disciplines such as search engine marketing, TV planning, brand strategy and digital editing.
  • Social media is not an end in itself; we will help you position your brand at relevant touchpoints – from your website to Facebook and Instagram – in a meaningful, integrated and coherent way.
  • Data is continuously being generated by digital activities. We can help you make efficient use of this data in order to understand your customers better and communicate with them in a more targeted way in future.

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