About JOM

JOM combines the services of a media agency offering the highest possible long-term budget efficiency with the expertise of a digital agency specializing in performance marketing. JOM is an owner-managed, independent company focusing on Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Located in Hamburg’s HafenCity, the agency was founded in 1997 by Michael Jäschke and employs 70 people. With billings amounting to approximately 325 million euros, JOM is one of Germany’s top five owner-managed media agencies.

The core competencies of JOM include media consulting for all online and offline media, performance marketing, content-/social-media-marketing, online-/public-relations, online creation, regional marketing and every form of fundamental communication strategy development.

JOM follows the principle of “hybrid marketing communication”, a principle based on sound scholarship which the agency developed itself. This principle enables the agency to create the optimum combination of all communication channels imaginable for any task and to integrate content it provides in the online segment, thereby guaranteeing the client the highest degree of long-term budget efficiency.

JOM is member of the German association of media agencies (OMG) and member of the federal association for digital economy (BVDW).