Values and responsibility

Independence – As an owner-run media agency, we are beholden to no-one but ourselves. We work independently of networks and marketers.

Client focus – We provide a deep understanding of markets, brands and products as standard, and we use this understanding to develop solutions that can be measured against your marketing goals and sales targets.
We align our remuneration model as closely as possible to your needs.

Innovation – JOM is the only media agency to work in accordance with the scientifically-based principle of Hybrid Marketing Communication, which we developed ourselves, and which is only available to JOM clients.
For years we’ve been utilising the numerous tools that we’ve developed on behalf of our clients and are constantly conducting further research. Our opinions are regularly covered by the trade press.

Quality focus – Our concepts regularly beat the competition in awards. One reason for this is that we optimise campaigns daily by means of continuous controlling and overarching performance marketing.
Our staff receive extensive and ongoing internal and external training.

Sustainability – We apply client budgets in a highly efficiently way in the interests of financial sustainability, and we also take action for environmental sustainability through our dynamic diligence and resource-saving work processes. JOM Jäschke Operational Media and JOM com are socially responsible enterprises, as shown, for example, by our focused sponsorship of students and competitive athletes.