Marketing Intelligence

In the digital age, a communications strategy means considering the combination of medium, channel, usage situation and content and coordinating them as effectively as possible. We call this message management. ‘Marketing Intelligence’ develops highly-efficient media and communications strategies to use as the basis for all of the agency’s areas of work.


Range of services:

We combine the services of a media agency offering the highest possible long-term budget efficiency with the expertise of a digital agency specialising in performance marketing. As a result, we don’t promise you any GRPs – we guarantee advertising effectiveness for your brand and sales. The basis for this is a deep understanding of branding, brand management and product, ongoing campaign management and the observation and assessment of interdependencies between various different communications and media measures. Or in other words, cross-media performance marketing.


Forecasting, controlling, optimisation and setting of key performance indicators (KPIs)

  • Brand dimensions
  • Sales
  • Cost-sales ratios
  • Response figures
  • Advertising-to-sales ratios
  • Quantification of value added contribution

Strategic marketing consultancy

  • Analyses of distribution channels/
    multichannel concepts
  • Market analyses and segmentation
  • Source of business analyses
  • Potential and target group analyses
  • Brand management/strategy planning
  • Trend and market research


  • Quantity of resources used
  • Benchmark analyses
  • KPI forecasting and auditing

Development of online and offline communications strategies

Recommendation for communications channels and measures

Budget allocation and optimisation

Sustainability screening and strategy development

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff members are in the team?


What qualifications do the team members have?

Our Marketing Intelligence team consists of media and social science experts specialising in the fields of marketing and strategic management.

How do you ensure collaboration between the various team disciplines and types of expertise?

Interdisciplinary collaboration is set down in our company’s guiding principles and has been practised since the agency was founded in 1997. Cross-area ‘generalists’ collaborate with specialists in teams assembled on a client-specific basis. All staff work at a single location under one roof. Marketing Intelligence acts as a central control unit.

Which parameters do you use to define and create the communications strategy and the selection of the media mix?

For us, the central target parameters in the planning process are the pre-defined key performance indicators (KPIs), such as sales, brand awareness or number of new clients.
We base our recommendations on detailed market and competition analyses, target group analyses (e.g. media usage analyses) and the findings of advertising effectiveness research.
We’ve been optimising the input factors for communications measures since the company was founded. Campaign results and assessments are measured with the tool JOM Brand ManagerTM which was developed 20 years ago. Thanks to the accumulated data corpus and more than 100 case studies, it is now possible for us to guarantee our clients the greatest possible degree of long-term budget efficiency and expected success in relation to marketing and sales targets.

Which tools are available to Marketing Intelligence?

We have numerous advanced tools that we are continuously developing further. JOM Brand ManagerTM plays a central role here, providing detailed forecasts for response-based campaigns and controlling the media usage ‘just in time’, in other words during the campaign.
We use JOM Hybrid ScoreTM to evaluate the combined effect of campaigns on the two central dimensions: brand and sales.
Tools used:


  • JOM Brand ManagerTM
  • JOM Operational TargetingTM
  • JOM Operational BudgetTM
  • JOM Operational ShareTM
  • JOM Hybrid ScoreTM

Further information on our tools is available here.


Which instruments do you use to measure success?

In JOM Brand ManagerTM, our agency has a controlling tool that can be individually adjusted to meet clients’ needs. In addition to the investments and performance parameters of the campaign, it also collects all relevant success indicators down to a day-by-day level. This includes, for example, sales (according to distribution channel and/or area), website visits, click rates, coupon redemptions and brand values.