Media Excellence
The best combination of analogue and digital.

Based on highly effective and efficient media and communications strategies, the media excellence field is developing detailed planing recommendations for all analogue and digital communications channels. Since it is now virtually impossible to separate channel and content, especially in the digital media, we also include the conceptual content with our service.

Range of services:

In an age of dynamic change in markets, technologies, media utilisation and purchasing practices, there can be no more separation between analogue and digital for us in media planning. Our thinking encompasses both channel and media so that ultimately we can answer the question of how to utilise branding and sales potential in the most efficient way. Media planning that thinks in terms of online video rather than television, media planning that looks not only at print editions but also at media markets, and media planning with recommendations based not only on GRPs but on marketing and sales figures. How does it work? Ask us.

Media planning and media consulting

  • Recommendations for advertising media, materials and channels
  • Budget and format recommendations
  • Seasonal and regional campaign modulation
  • Development of special advertising forms and media cooperations

Media purchasing & reporting

  • Condition and placement negotiations
  • Tender evaluations
  • Handling all payment transactions
  • Reporting for all planned measures based on defined measurement parameters (KPI/comparison of target vs. actual, etc.)

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff members are in the team?


What qualifications do the team members have?

Our Media Excellence team consists of qualified media and business experts, MBAs and advertising sales specialists.

What distinguishes your media planning/consultancy from that of other providers?

For us, it’s not just about choosing media with the best terms of purchase – it’s more about assembling the most effective combinations within the individual media segments.

Wherever channel and content are hard to separate, for example in online or public relations, we provide the conceptional content along with it.
You can find out what else makes us different here.

What methods do you use in media planning/consultancy?

We essentially take an efficiency and profit margin-based planning approach, which focuses on pre-defined KPIs and can be measured and monitored accordingly. We provide forecasts for campaign effectiveness and achievement of targets before the campaign goes live.

Naturally, we incorporate results from market media studies (ma, AGOF, etc.) and prior purchasing negotiations into the planning stages.

Which planning tools are used?

We work with a wide range of standard tools and providers available on the market, such as:

TV Control, (Regio) MDS, Radio Expert, Nielsen Media Research, GfK, AGOF, DoubleClick, Nielsen AdRelevance, ZIS etc.


Do you have tools that you have developed in-house?

Yes, we have numerous advanced tools that we are continuously developing further. These include:

JOM Operational TVTM
JOM Operational OnlineTM
JOM Operational SearchTM
JOM Operational BudgetTM

Further information on our tools is available here.

Are you a member of trade associations and/or other organisations?

We are a member of and the German Digital Business Association (BVDW) and are a Google certified agency.

Which parameters do you apply when optimising your media planning strategies?

We use figures such as turnover, advertising-to-sales ratio, expenditures per percentage point of awareness, reach, GRP, average contacts, impressions, clicks, click rate, actions (post-click and post-impression activities), conversion rate, unique users, unique user clicks, earning per mille. However, we primarily use sales-based factors such as cost per lead and cost per sale.
As a basic principle, all KPIs are dependent on the campaign objective.
The JOM Hybrid ScoreTM provides a combined view of a campaign’s branding and sales impact.

Which ad server does JOM use?

We mainly use the DoubleClick ad server technology for delivery and performance measurement of online campaigns, but we also use other technology providers, such as Omniture or etracker.