Online/Public Relations

One of our strengths is our ability to place good content on-target so that it can be quickly found and further processed – from branding and product communication to content creation. We take care of the dialogue with media, multipliers and opinion leaders. We connect brands with relevant content and turn them into publishers.

Range of services:

We understand online and public relations as a component of the Hybrid Marketing Communication concept, and see this as a logical final step when combining measures across all communications channels in the most efficient way possible.
Depending on the challenge, experts from different communications disciplines sit at one table with specialists from Marketing Intelligence, Social Media Marketing and Media Excellence. The aim is to find the right communications strategy without simply recycling standardised measures. We develop individual solutions without losing sight of performance, sales or turnover.

Online relations

  • Web editing
  • Reputation management
  • Cooperation marketing

Public relations:

  • Communications strategy and annual PR concepts
  • PR editing
  • Distributor preparation/maintenance
  • Individual media contact
  • Media cooperation
  • Evaluation/media observation
  • Competition analyses

Our team consists of media, language and social science experts as well as communications managers and business management specialists.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff members are in the team?


What qualifications do the team members have?

Our team consists of media, language and social science experts as well as communications managers and business management specialists.

What distinguishes your online/public relations from that of other providers?

For us, online/public relations aren’t separate departments but a single component of the overall communications activities. We see interdependencies, use synergy effects and analyse the performance contribution with regard to targets. We also make use of the agency’s expertise in the field of strategic and tactical planning.

Content Kreation, Storytelling, Multimedia Publishing: only a fleeting trend or decisive development?

The digital ‘always on’ lifestyle is not only significantly transforming communications behaviour but is also offering as yet unexplored routes towards a new conversational culture. In order to create living communities and to convey a brand image as effectively as possible, there must be targeted contents – at whatever time and over whichever channels the target group accesses them. Instead of monotonous reporting and dry press releases, consumers are increasingly wanting narratives that offer added value and tell stories in a creative way. Only in this way can clients become long-term users – over earned, owned and paid media.

Do you also create content for corporate websites and internet presences?

We would be happy to support you right from the start in creating specific content for your web or social media presence, from strategic alignment and design to individual posts.

Do you offer media value analyses in online/public relations?

Yes, because these measures are also measurable. We offer both qualitative and quantitative media resonance analyses with reference to a wide range of KPIs: in the online sector, for example, via CPM, PIs and visibility probability, in offline media via reaches and media values.

Which clients do you work for?

We work for companies such as Serengeti Park, Panasonic, Konica Minolta, Das Telefonbuch, Smiley’s Pizza and Kneipp.