Since 1998, JOM has been known for its extensive expertise in the fields of digital marketing and performance marketing. JOM com is one of the top two owner-run agencies in online marketing and one of the top five in performance marketing.

Our experts implement performance-focused measures for you that can often support sales and are aligned in a targeted way to cost-sales ratios, cost per lead or other performance indicators. Whether we’re dealing with search engine marketing, display marketing, affiliate or email marketing, we always consider the combination with other measures where possible and show you the effects. If it’s worthwhile for you to invest less money, we’ll tell you so – because we care about quality, not quantity.

Range of services:

We present our services both as a complete service and in modular form, whilst ensuring they are always transparent and measurable. We offer you a comprehensive consultancy service with clear target forecasts, work on the planning in close collaboration with the client and take responsibility for purchasing, implementation, optimisation and extensive campaign evaluation.

Our services cover the following areas:

  • Programmatic Buying (RTA/RTB)
  • Data-Management
  • Tracking & Analytics
  • Attribution-Modelling
  • TV-Online Optimizing
  • Mass-Media-Boosting
  • Lead-Campaigns
  • Retargeting
  • Social Media-Advertising (CpC, CpF, CpX)
  • Affiliate-Marketing
  • E-Mail-Marketing

In addition to efficient planning and a billing system suited to the client, in performance marketing we also place particular value on creation tailored to the target group, for example dynamic banners. Our range in the creation, programming and web content areas can be found in the Social media marketing section.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff members are in the team?


What qualifications do the team members have?

Our performance marketing team comprises qualified business managers, controllers and specially trained online experts.

Which ad server does JOM use?

We mainly use the DoubleClick ad server technology for delivery and performance measurement of online campaigns, but we also use other technology providers, such as Omniture or etracker.

Which online planning tools are used?

We work with AGOF and other market and media studies, such as B. VA, b4p and MA.

Do you have tools that you have developed in-house?

Yes, we have numerous advanced tools that we are continuously developing further. These include:

  • JOM Operational SearchTM
  • JOM Operational OnlineTM
  • JOM Operational TargetingTM
  • JOM Operational ShareTM

Further information on our tools is available here.

Which KPIs are used to manage the campaign?

The KPIs depend on the campaign objective. In performance marketing, both banners and search engine marketing are optimised chiefly on the basis of the effective CpC/CpL; in the mobile field it is also done on a CpI basis.

The following KPIs are always observed: impressions, clicks, click rate, actions (post-click and post-impression activities), conversion rate, turnover, KUR, unique users, unique user clicks, earning per mille. In search engine marketing additional metrics are assessed, such as average position, quality factor or utilisation level.

How does the optimisation process work?

In display advertising, optimisation is carried out at environment, format and theme level. In search engine marketing, it is carried out at campaign, advertising group, keyword and advertising copy level. In addition, the efficiency of online marketing measures is considered at channel, budget, time period and regional level.

Are you a member of trade associations and/or other organisations?

We are a member of and the German Digital Business Association (BVDW) and are a Google certified agency.