Regional- and Retail-Marketing

It isn’t always the case that all business is local. But when it is, it’s good to have an expert familiar with regional media planning and marketing down to postcode level. JOM Regional- und Handelsmarketing develops communications strategies and measures for both nationally active companies and local retailers.

Range of services:

The opportunities for efficient regional marketing have increased greatly in recent years.
We offer you regionally and locally aligned communications strategies, central management of retail marketing, optimisation of organisational and process structures, use of online-based planning and booking tools, retail optimisation, sales support and optimisation of internal retailer communication – and all of this in all relevant on/offline media – from traditional daily newspapers to regional search engine marketing, TV streaming or the regionally aligned content market concept.

Media planning/consultancy

  • Local market analyses
  • Conception and initiation of regional market studies
  • Location-specific plans including recommendations on advertising media, materials and formats (via all on/offline media)
  • Seasonal and regional campaign modulation

Media purchasing

  • Placement of booking orders
  • Condition and placement negotiations
  • Tender evaluations
  • Handling all payment transactions
  • Appearance and placement control and results documentation

Central campaign management and optimisation of retail marketing

  • Sales support
  • Interface management between company and retail partners
  • Training of the sales team and retail partners
  • Calculation of advertising allowances
  • Preparation of an online booking and design tool

Frequently Asked Questions

How many staff members are in the team?


What qualifications do the team members have?

Our team consists of qualified media and business experts and publishing and advertising specialists.

What distinguishes your regional/retail marketing from that of other providers?

For years we’ve been successfully implementing the principle of hybrid regional marketing, in other words the targeted combination of online and offline media down to local level – because today, regional marketing is more than just newspapers or posters.
Using search engine marketing at postcode level or regional video campaigns, we enable efficient sales support and brand communication.
We support you in individually planning for each retail partner as well as in initiating joint retailer advertising. Our range of services also includes the monitoring, evaluation and potential optimisation of existing plans.

Which tools are used?

In addition to standard tools such as Regio MDS, Radio Expert, ma Radio, ma Plakat and ZIS, we have a variety of tools that we have developed ourselves and that we are continuously developing further. These include:

Further information on our tools is available here.