JOM Group realises launch campaign for new FLENS beach warehouse

Plop yourself by the sea: JOM Group realises launch campaign for new FLENS beach warehouse

Summer campaign in the north is intended to get existing FLENS fans and young new users alike excited about the new beer speciality.

Hamburg, 9 July 2024 – The JOM Group, an agency for hybrid marketing communication, has been responsible for the holistic media planning and consulting as well as the implementation of Flensburger Brauerei’s media campaigns since the beginning of 2023. This summer, the focus of the collaboration is on the launch of a new product: Flensburger Strand-Lager. A launch campaign from April to August will not only draw attention to the new type of beer, but also help to increase awareness and familiarity of the FLENS brand and position it among the young target group in particular.

Broad media mix to raise awareness of the new Strand-Lager among young and old
With the Flensburg Strand-Lager, FLENS is once again bringing a piece of northern Germany into the bottle. Strong like the coastal wind, mild like the sunlight and unfiltered like the real north, the new beer speciality complements the FLENS product portfolio and is intended to appeal to and win over both existing, older buyers and young new customers. To meet this challenge and also target the campaign at the relevant regions where the new Flensburger Strand lager is already available, JOM’s media strategists are relying on a broad mix of traditional and digital media. The focus is on high-reach media such as radio and online audio as well as TV and non-linear moving images.

This approach also convinced Stephan Helms, Head of Marketing at Flensburger Brauerei: “With radio as the lead medium in the traditional sector, we are not only able to use our unique sound logo effectively, but also quickly build up a wide reach, especially in the older target group. We also use non-linear moving images to reach the young target group. The media strategy that JOM developed for us addresses both target groups continuously over the entire campaign period and can be adapted to the regional listing status during the year.”

“When developing the media strategy, we had to take numerous factors into account, for example Where is the new Flensburger Strand stock available and how do we manage regional targeting? How do we reach both established brand fans and younger non-users? How do we utilise the media budget efficiently and effectively?” explains Sebastian Westphal, Director Media Consulting JOM Group.

“When planning the non-linear moving image campaign, we therefore relied on a high-reach mix in CTV environments such as RTL+, Amazon Prime Video and DAZN as well as in-stream ads on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch, which are particularly popular with the young target group,” adds Nicole Hedtke, Teamlead Digital Media Consulting JOM Group. In this way, the campaign can be targeted regionally in northern Germany and the visual presence on the big screen also increases the memorability effect for the FLENS brand and the new Flensburger Strand-Lager.”

The classic radio campaign will also be supplemented by podcast placements in the audio sector, for example by integrating the new product into the high-reach podcast “Fußball MML”, with which FLENS has already successfully cooperated in the past.

Supplementary retail media and OOH campaign planned
Since spring, JOM has also been running an activating retail media campaign in selected regions in the north and centre of Germany, targeting Flensburger’s distribution partners such as Rewe, Edeka and Getränke Hoffmann. This will be accompanied by a regional out-of-home campaign in the northern German holiday regions during the summer holiday season, which is intended to reach not only residents but also tourists. The brewery’s strategic goal is for potential users to take the taste of their holiday in the north with them when they leave and then relive the holiday feeling at home with a bottle of Flensburger Strand-Lager.

Stephan Helms summarises: “We can already see that we are not only delighting die-hard FLENS fans with Strand-Lager, but are also winning over new users. Sales are going very well and the brisk demand for our Strand-Lager shows that the launch campaign managed by JOM is working very well.”