Since its founding, the agency’s services have revolved around optimising the input factors for communications measures. As part of this, we forecast the effect on marketing and sales before advertising investments are made. From the very beginning, we have therefore created campaigns using databases and tools such as Operational DialogTM/JOM Brand ManagerTM and represented the effect in real time down to an hour-by-hour level.

On this basis, we scientifically developed and defended in our own studies the principle of ‘Hybrid Marketing Communication’, a principle which is only available to JOM clients. We essentially transferred the hybrid principle from nature and technology to the optimisation of media and communications planning, enabling the perfect combination of all potential drive channels to be developed for each individual task. Wherever channel and content are hard to separate, for example in online or public relations, we provide the conceptional content along with it. This enables us to guarantee the most efficient long-term solution for your goals within your budget. As a consultancy-focused agency, we are often even able to show you how you can achieve your goals with a smaller budget.

Michael Jäschke

Our definition of the HMC principle

In hybrid marketing, a phenomenon is defined as an instance of at least two separate channels/measures – such as a combination of a dialogue measure and wireless action – having a clear efficiency advantage over a combination of a promotion and a search engine­marketing­campaign, for example.”

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