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TV boost for e‑commerce

The challenge

You operate an online shop or have a highly digital business model and already implement performance marketing successfully.

Your marketing investments in channels like SEA, Facebook, retargeting and real time bidding have reached their limits in terms of scale. You would like to generate new customers and close more deals, but the costs of doing so are disproportionately high.

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Which media (e.g. TV) can be used for scaling up?

Which effects on revenue will there be in the short and medium term by using media such as TV, and how high is the resulting cost per visit for TV marketing activities?

With which budget is it worthwhile to implement TV marketing activities?

What is the TV planning process like? How much time in advance should I account for and what other points should I consider?

Which counter-effect would TV marketing activities have on my existing performance marketing activities (SEA, Facebook, etc.)?

Our solution

  • We will show you how to use TV to boost your traffic
  • as well as give you an overview of the methods that can be used to determine the CPC for TV marketing activities and the budget you would need to test TV as a marketing channel (streams, niche broadcasters, mainstream broadcasters).
  • As your central contact partner and full-service provider, we ensure transparency every step of the process – from the TV concept to the production of the advert and monitoring its success (modelling).

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