“Check it off”: Eunique and Denyo rap for AOK Rheinland/Hamburg

Check it off: AOK Rheinland/ Hamburg and JOM Group remind people about early cancer detection on the Big Screen

With the help of moving images, the musical call for preventive care by German rapper Eunique and hip-hop veteran Denyo should reach the target group

Hamburg, 6 July 2023. In order to give the appeal for early cancer detection the attention it deserves in the target group, the JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communication, is taking over the strategic media planning and implementation of the campaign. JOM has been responsible for the media strategy, planning and implementation as well as media buying for AOK Rheinland/Hamburg since 2016.

Regular cancer screening examinations should play an important role in all age groups – especially among 25 to 49 year-olds, the early detection of skin, breast and prostate cancer is in the foreground. To raise awareness of screening, the AOK Rheinland/Hamburg and the creative agency ressourcenmangel have enlisted German rapper Eunique and hip-hop legend Denyo to dedicate a rap song to the topic of screening.

To ensure that the creative call for early cancer detection reaches exactly the desired target group, the media strategists of the JOM Group focus on various moving image channels: from cinema, addressable TV and connected TV as well as video on demand to various social media platforms. In addition, there are audio streaming services such as Spotify and YouTube Music.

“Especially with such a unique implementation as for AOK Rheinland/Hamburg, we have to focus on the audio-visual component of the music video in a targeted way to achieve the desired advertising effect. By accompanying the target groups along the customer journey, we can ensure the necessary frequency of contact during the campaign and keep the attention high by using different messages from the music video to suit the respective target group,” Dustin Tschentscher, member of the JOM Group management, explains the media strategy.

The spots on early skin, breast and prostate detection can be found under the following links and are welcome to be included as part of the reporting. (Copyright: AOK Rheinland/Hamburg & ressourcenmangel)

Skin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=530ZGWGUkfE



The campaign runs from 6 July to 30 November 2023.