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We are an agency for hybrid marketing communication and follow principles we created ourselves based on scientific research. We combine the services of a media, digital, performance and creative agency with a range of offers from the field of business consulting. This means we can provide our clients with the perfect combination of all marketing and distribution channels and measures to guarantee high efficiency that’s sustainable.


To make the best of brand and sales potential, we think beyond individual channels and media, especially since markets, technology, media use and purchasing habits are constantly changing so much. That’s why our experts put together detailed media plans spanning analogue and digital channels and covering paid, owned and earned media.

We use traditional media parameters as well as value-creating dimensions to plan and optimise sales on your website, visitors to your bricks-and-mortar store, cost-sales ratio and more. To do this, we combine classical media expertise with our mastery of the digital realm and show you the interdependencies between individual models.


We combine the services of a media agency offering the highest possible long-term budget efficiency with the expertise of a digital agency specialising in performance marketing. Our marketing intelligence team develops highly efficient media and communications strategies spanning all analogue and digital media. In the digital age, a communications strategy means considering the combination of medium, channel, usage situation and content, and coordinating them as effectively as possible.

We call this message management, and we use it to break down the barriers between creation and media. As a result, we don’t promise you any GRPs – we guarantee advertising effectiveness for your brand and sales. The foundation for this is a deep understanding of branding, brand management and product; ongoing campaign management; and observing and assessing interdependencies between various model-based communications and media measures. In short: cross-media performance marketing.


Hardly any discipline has benefited more from digitisation in recent years than local-based marketing. Today, geographic proximity to your target group is a more decisive factor for success than ever. We develop communications strategies and measures for both nationally active companies and local retailers. And we do it in all important on- and offline media,

from the traditional daily newspaper via mobile marketing all the way to addressable TV adverts in the local area. We also have extensive experience in centrally managing distributor marketing, optimising organisational and process structures, and optimising media purchasing.


Our digital communication team doesn’t think inside bulk boxes: before we invest a single euro, we assess the suitability of all digital advertising possibilities. From Google and social media campaigns to online moving images and influencer marketing, we do more than just advise you on the planning – if you want, we can also put together the perfect advertising, micro-sites and content concepts for you.

Quick, flexible, and always focused on the big picture, because today, digital media forms part of almost all campaigns, and following up on contacts via various channels is more and more important.


Our experts implement performance-focused measures for you that can support sales and are aligned in a targeted way to cost-sales ratios, cost per lead and other performance indicators. Whether we’re dealing with search engine marketing, display marketing, social or email marketing, our colleagues from TV and radio also think beyond just reach and GRPs and work in a performance-oriented way.

This allows us to illustrate the interplay between investing in classical and performance media. Another key element of our work is identifying scaling limits in the fields of SEA, social media, and other digital measures. If it makes more sense for you to invest less money, we’ll tell you so – because we care about quality, not quantity.


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Our greatest asset is our people, who represent our agency and make it what it is. Our 70-strong team loves collaborating with clients and works tirelessly on media planning to make companies ‘top of mind’ with their target groups.




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Communication is a people business. That’s why our agency is home to great people who just love designing fantastic campaigns with our clients. Our teams are put together to suit each project and task and to ensure that every client fully benefits from the sum of all our colleagues’ expertise. We trust in state-of-the-art technology, but we’re also great believers in teamwork between humans and machines. We stand for freedom, experience, breaking the rules from time to time, focusing on our clients, innovative energy, and management consulting.



We’re driven by innovation and we live by our principle of breaking the rules a little when need be. That means that we very conscientiously deviate from fixed patterns, guidelines, and apparently oven-ready plans. Basically, no one-size-fits-all solutions. We try harder. We don’t just question briefings and objectives, we also question ourselves. We’re passionate, highly motivated, and work across disciplines. We’ve been called ‘Bauhaus with a pop-art twist’.


Media consulting

Optimising input as the direct opposite of media networks is and always will be the founding principle in our work. We’re always looking for the most efficient combination of media and measures. As an owner-run agency, our consulting services are completely independent of media companies and marketers. Our directors provide our clients with continuous personal advice to cover all of their needs.



Our brand has one key promise: sustainable cost-effectiveness. That means reaching or even exceeding our clients’ goals with the minimum possible outlay. Clever planning is our top priority, and number two is optimised purchasing. This is also reflected by the fact that we don’t sell advertising time and space. Quick decision-making and our own technical solutions allow us to optimise campaigns in real time while they’re live.

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