Amazon Freevee: FRoSTA is one of the first food brands to launch an advertising campaign

Amazon Freevee: FRoSTA is one of the first food brands to run an advertising campaign together with JOM Group

New CTV environment opens up additional visibility on the big screen and among young target groups

Hamburg, October 27, 2022. Since the beginning of August, Germany has been the third market after the U.S. and the U.K. in which Amazon has launched its ad-financed streaming service Freevee – offering brands a new advertising environment in the booming Connected TV sector. Together with JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communications, FRoSTA quickly recognized this potential and once again proved its first-mover qualities: Immediately after the German launch, the frozen food specialists were one of the first food brands to occupy the new CTV environment. In the current month of October, the campaign will continue with placements in all ten Freevee genres, from True Crime to bingeable series to food. The aim is to use demographic targeting to draw the attention of younger consumers aged 18 to 34 in particular to the brand.

“The relevance of healthy nutrition is steadily increasing among young consumers. The FRoSTA brand essence, natural products without any additives, is therefore more contemporary than ever. In order to reach the young target group with our message ‘Eating the way it should be’, we are always open to campaigns on new channels, like recently on Twitch,” says Maren Steffen, Digital Communications Manager at FRoSTA. “In this respect, we didn’t think twice about betting on Freevee early on to make our products visible to young film and series fans.”

“We notice, especially in the young target group, that there is a shift from classic TV to non-linear moving images, from which the CTV sector benefits. It is therefore not surprising that Amazon, as a big player, is now also positioning itself in the market with an ad-financed streaming model. We see Freevee as an opportunity to place the brand effectively on the big screen in times of scarce TV space and to reach new users in the young target group,” adds Nicole Hedtke, Teamlead Digital Media Consulting JOM Group.