JOM Group defends the media budget of LOTTO Hamburg GmbH

Hamburg, 9 February 2023. The joint success story of the JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communication, and LOTTO Hamburg GmbH is entering the next round 10 years after its launch. After winning the pitch in 2013 and successfully defending the budget in 2019, the team from JOM’s Hamburg office has now been able to prevail once again in a public tender process and defend the media budget of the regional gambling provider once more.

The annual gross budget for the planned classic and digital media campaigns is in the mid seven-digit euro range. The strategic and content-related focus of the joint work is in particular the jackpot promotion and the expansion of the perception of the LOTTO brand in the Hamburg area.

When promoting the jackpot, LOTTO Hamburg always relies on innovative forms of advertising, which pleases Roland Köster, Managing Director JOM Group: “What we particularly appreciate about the cooperation with LOTTO Hamburg is that the traditional company deals with the topic of gambling in a very responsible way in its communication. At the same time, the company stands out from the increasing competition through innovative advertising formats. For example, in the summer of 2022, a truck equipped with screens – a so-called CoolLiteCube – drove through Hamburg’s city centre to advertise the jackpot. We are excited to see what other creative advertising measures we will implement together with LOTTO Hamburg to consolidate its position as the leading gambling provider in Hamburg.”