FRoSTA celebrates 20 years of purity law – clearly and distinctly.

FRoSTA celebrates 20 years of purity law – clearly and distinctly.

Hamburg, 11 September 2023. The frozen food manufacturer from Bremerhaven has been radically avoiding any additives since 2003. For FRoSTA, the perfect occasion to translate this courage with the help of the JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communication, and Wynken Blynken & Nod into strong communication that no one can ignore.

“Chemical-free since zero three.” This is one of the unmistakable headlines that can now be seen throughout Germany as part of a large-scale OOH flight. And it gets to the heart of what FRoSTA has clearly set out to do this autumn: To name loudly and clearly what distinguishes the brand and its products. Other equally bold headlines such as “With Bäm. Without Bäh.” or “Delicious green. No stuff.” do the rest. So far, so consistent.

“In 2003, many would have bet that FRoSTA would soon no longer exist. The changes were too massive at a time when ‘food without additives’ was not yet a trend. And it didn’t work for a long time. Not at all. Today, however, we can say with gratitude and humility: sticking to the purity law was rewarded. FRoSTA is still here,” explains Sebastian Bernbacher, Marketing Director at FRoSTA. “With this campaign, we are bringing people closer to what we have been about for 20 years: delicious food, the way it should be. Without tricks. Without secrets. But not too serious. Food should be fun. And so we hope that this campaign will also be a bit of fun.”

What is particularly courageous about this campaign is the way it breaks the rules. For example, for the so-called “FRoSTA Odes”, huge OOH spaces, advertisements and radio spots are not used for messages that follow the established marketing rules and promote the products – but for poetically extravagant homages to individual ingredients. Specifically: carrot, cream and noodle. Simple, good foods that FRoSTA says it would be a shame to add additives and other additives to, or lump together with lovelessly pre-produced foods.

The campaign marks the next big step in the further development of the FRoSTA brand. Jens Theil, Chief Creative Lunatic at Wynken Blynken & Nod, says: “Other brands claim to be additive-free, but only mean those that have to be officially declared. FRoSTA is consistent and really does without anything artificial. That is radical. And you can see that it suits the brand very well to follow this radical, self-confident path in its communication.

To ensure that the creative potential of the campaign is also perceived by the world, the media experts of the JOM Group focus on a high-reach (digital) out-of-home presence in more than 90 German cities. In particular, the highlight placements in the form of giant posters and big banners at the main railway stations in Berlin and Hamburg generate an increased contact dose. Together with print ads as well as the placements of the audio spots both on radio and in the podcast environment such as Gemischtes Hack, Kaulitz Hills, Hobbylos and Wissen Weekly, the marketing activities ensure maximum awareness.

“Especially with such a unique implementation as for FRoSTA, we have to focus on the unconventional nature of the creation in order to achieve the desired advertising effect. That’s why the prominent outdoor advertising spaces paired with further campaign activities meet the consumer:inside also everywhere”, adds Roland Köster, Managing Director JOM Group. “We are pleased to be on board for this anniversary communication after 5 years of successful cooperation. Congratulations on 20 years of the Purity Law!”

The campaign is supplemented by TV spots and non-linear moving images, as well as trade promotions and a variety of PR measures that focus on the 20th anniversary and the importance of the Purity Commandment. As the campaign will run for several more weeks, there should indeed be no way around the FRoSTA Purity Commandment this early autumn.