Regional media planning: 3 questions for a (D)OOH expert

Udo Schendel, CEO of Weischer.JvB, was the guest presenter at our impulse event “The Power of Data & Local Based Marketing”, and in his presentation he took us through how digital out-of-home is developing and what the future will bring.

  • According to new Nielsen figures, DOOH is experiencing respectable growth rates – in 2021, revenues rose to over 800 million euros. What’s the reason for that?The high flexibility in the use of the medium is certainly one of the decisive reasons. On the one hand, we can implement OoH presence very quickly without the usual lead times for printing and delivery. On the other hand, content adjustments can be made very quickly. In addition, the linking of transaction data with specific target groups offers completely new possibilities for addressing target groups.
  • How important is the interaction between media and creation in DOOH?Media-specific creation is particularly important in OOH because the motif only has a very short chance of being perceived. It must therefore be designed accordingly in order to be truly effective. The challenges in DOOH are particularly great, because here there are additional aspects when using moving images. We therefore recommend paying particular attention to this and also have appropriate pretest tools to help our customers optimize.
  • And in which areas do you still see a need to catch up or what challenges does DOOH face?
    DOOH is developing very well overall – what we need to catch up on is the creation of a uniform overarching currency. From a planning perspective, I would of course like to see better availability and that in smaller cities as well, so that we can better guarantee national coverage. But the marketers and providers are already working on that.