Sai-Man Tsui returns to JOM Group as Managing Director

Hamburg, October 19, 2022_ After two years outside the JOM universe, Sai-Man Tsui returns to JOM Group, agency for hybrid marketing communications, as Managing Director Innovations & Product Development.

Within the management team, the 41-year-old has been responsible for the strategic development of new offerings for the agency group across all locations since September, as well as the future-proof further development of the existing service portfolio. He will also drive the development and expansion of digital expertise in the agency as well as innovations for new and existing customers. To this end, he will work closely with the New Business Development department. In addition, he will be a sparring partner and source of inspiration for the entire JOM team in the areas of strategy, technology, product development, trends, innovations as well as marketing and sales.

Michael Jäschke, Founder & Shareholder JOM Group, is delighted to have won Tsui back for the JOM Group: “Sai-Man has known the agency for over 15 years and knows about our potential and how we can make the most of it. He is someone who thinks outside the box, has an eye on all communication channels and thinks in a very customer-centric way. With his proven digital expertise and constant drive to do more, he is a real asset to our team.”

“I am very excited to be back on board at JOM and look forward to working closely with my colleagues in Sales, Marketing, Customer Consulting and New Business Development to develop new innovative offerings and place them in the market,” adds Sai-Man Tsui. “What motivates me is the fact that we have the expertise and structures to bring innovations to market quickly.”