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e‑commerce as a new sales channel

The challenge

You have primarily sold your products and services via stationary commerce and would now like to expand your e-commerce as a new sales channel.

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How can I optimise my existing communications activities so that my stationary commerce and e-commerce will pay off?

Which performance marketing activities will allow me to achieve my predetermined revenue target in e-commerce at the best possible cost-turnover rate and how do I implement them?

Are the current online performance marketing activities optimally implemented?

What effect do investments in traditional media such as TV and radio have on the online shop?

How can the performance marketing approach to the online shop be transferred to stationary commerce?

Our solution

  • We offer you online performance marketing at the highest level while taking into account the interdependencies of existing marketing activities such as TV, radio and print advertising.
  • We will plan campaigns for you in all traditional media and show you exactly how effective they are in terms of your stationary and e-commerce. We will also optimise the campaigns in real time whenever possible.

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